Motivation Station

This past weekend I competed at the NPC Clash at the Capstone. After prejudging I went out with a fellow competitor/girlfriend Cari to get some Mexican food and indulge after our hard work. After every show I get a chicken quesadilla, I don’t know why, but I really love them. After each competition I usually take a few days off from strict dieting and working out allowing my body to recoup for my next round of training.

This time…it was different.

I decided that night that come Sunday morning, I would be back on the grind hitting my gym sessions and diet just like usual.

I had to remind myself that I had a bigger goal in mind.


I did the Clash as a warm up for my first step on the NPC national stage at Junior USAs in Charleston, SC. While being lazy did sound appealing for a second, training and healthy eating is a part of my lifestyle and who I am. I enjoy training and eating to fuel my body. So taking a “break” was not even an option.




That Sunday I woke up, made my eggs and protein and hit the gym for some heavy-duty leg murdering and later that night I did some cardio. For me it is easier to stay on track and follow through than it is to break and restart, especially when I am so close to competing again.

But if you ever feel that you need a break physically, mentally, or emotionally always LISTEN to your body.



If you get off track with your diet or workout plan, remember that it is up to you to start again.

 Never give up. It is never to late to make changes.

Thank you for reading! Give me some feedback. What do YOU want to hear about?

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