Best Protein Pancakes- Recipe

This recipe is jam-packed with protein and is low in fat and carbohydrates. Great meal to start off your day with.

The real “Breakfast of Champions”

What you will need:

*Small skillet

*Pam or other non stick spray

*1/4 cup plain instant oatmeal

*1/4 cup of raw egg whites

*1 scoop protein powder (I use dymatize elite gourmet chocolate)








*optional Honey, cinnamon, and 1/4 cup of a fruit of choice (I like strawberries, blue berries, or bananas in mine)


Cooking Directions:

1.Spray your skillet with a coat of non stick cooking spray. Turn your burner on to medium high and let heat.

2. In a small bowl, mix oatmeal,egg whites and protein together. (you can add diced fruit now or wait till the end)

3. When skillet is hot pour half of the mixture in and let heat (it will be runny, start with small ones so you get the “technique down”). When the edges become rounded, flip over to the other side and let it cook through. Repeat  this with the remainder of the mixture.

4. When you are done you can top with cinnamon, honey, peanut butter, or some fruit.

5. Enjoy!

This is a fun and simple recipe that gives you all the proper nutrition you need to start off your busy day. This will feed one person.

Nutritional breakdown for one serving. Including 1/2 cup of fruit. WOW!

***To make additional servings just double the ingredients!


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