-REST to be the BEST-

Holy cow.

Today was one of those days in the gym.

I usually do two a days, but today I was going to do my lift and cardio in one shot. BUT after my lift I was exhausted.

I gave it ALL I had!

Rather than cutting corners and doing my cardio at a slow pace, I decided to go home, eat my next meal and do my 40 min of cardio to the best of my ability later on in the day.

While it this does take more time out of my day, I am willing to work for it.

I know that I will feel better if I complete my cardio at maximum intensity.

When I do not push myself as hard as possible in the gym, I tend to feel bad about it later. I heard my body and it was saying, “Hey, give me a little break. Those leg presses wore me out!” After I heard what it was saying… I LISTENED.

If you ever get this feeling when you are training for a race, event, or maintaining your general fitness levels. Get your rest BUT make sure that rest does not turn into not finishing up your workout routine. Saying I will just go tomorrow will not get you the results you want. Then the next thing you know you have to do today and tomorrows workout in one sitting. Don’t let it become an excuse. Find a fitness friend to keep you accountable.

Supersets of Max Bench Press and Max Pull Ups. Yea, you could say it was intense. Rest was needed after this workout before I hit my cardio.

Now I am off to the store for some new sneakers! And if you need me…. you can find me posted up on the elliptical working like a BOSS!!!!!!

Get your REST to be your BEST.

Stay Fit!

Thank you for reading! Give me some feedback. What do YOU want to hear about?

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