Indoor Cycling Routine

This cycling mash-up will get you pumped and ready to take on the day! Remember YOU control the intensity on your bike. But push it to the next level! There is no use driving to the gym to barely break a sweat in your workout.

Each line is one song. Find the beat and keep the pace so you stay consistent. After each song, drop your resistance back down to a 5, grab some water, and move on the next one.


Song1. Warm up 5 min- Seated Flat level 5

2. Level 6- Seated flat/ standing jog

3. Level 5,6,7,8,9- Seated Climb

4. Level 7- Standing Climb/ Hover

5. Level 6- Seated Flat/ Standing Jog

6. Level 6 Seated Flat/ Level 8 Standing Climb

7. Level 9,8,7,6,5- Reverse Hill

8. Level 7- Seated Flat/ Hover

9. Level 5 and high resistance 3 short sprints and one long

10.Level 7- Standing Jog/ Standing Climb

11. Level 5- Cool Down

12. Stretch on and off of the bike.

Key Terms

Level 5= Flat road/riding through your neighborhood

Level 6= Sandy Beach

Level 7= Middle ground. You should be able to keep the same pace as before but now you are WORKING for it!

Level 8= Slowed pace. Pushing and pulling with each stroke of the pedal.

Level 9= Eyes closed crying for your mama. Slow pace. Only hold for 30- 45 second intervals.

Seated Flat= Hands at lowest part of handle bars (position 1).

Sitting in the saddle. Slight bend in elbows.






Standing Jog=

Hands in position one.

Only finger tips are supporting your body.

 Standing up out of the saddle. Hips forward and underneath of you.

Shoulders back standing nice and tall.

Standing Climb= Hands and top of handle bars (position 2).

Leaning forward. Body is up standing out of the saddle.

Looking forward at where you are going.







Hover– Hands in position 2.

Start in the standing climb and drop chest down.

Keep back flat and eyes looking forward.




Sprint– Seated position. Hands on center metal beams. Add enough resistance so you do not bounce off the saddle. Keep chest low. Looking forward. Drop resistance low in between the sprints.

Hope you enjoy this workout! It will get your legs burning quick.

Stay Fit!

3 thoughts on “Indoor Cycling Routine

    1. Thank you for the information. I am AFAA certified. I will be sure to remove that from when I teach again. I will be sure to contact the team I was instructed by. Have a great day.

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