Females in the Fitness Industry

Last month I was interviewed by a writer from inspiyr. com.

Tips From Female Fitness Competitors:

BUFF is the NEW Black

Workign with Fitness Icon, Monica Brant at the Arnold Sports Festival Expo 2013
Working with Fitness Icon, Monica Brant at the Arnold Sports Festival Expo 2013

She was interested in my experience as a woman in the fitness industry.

At times it can get stressful becasue of what that segement of society “demands” of you so to say. You just have to rememeber that you are in this for your health!!!! Being emotionally healthy is just as important as being physically healthy. Do not let the pressures that surround us daily from media and others overpower you. Stand strong!!! This is only a perception of what YOU think others want of you, when inreality, many are too busy to care.

Going back to being a woman in the fitness industry, I LOVE IT! I feel empowered on a  daily basis to share my love of health and fitness with everyone around me. I take pride in taking care of my body and sharing my experiences with you all.

KEEP IT FUN!!!! No one is forcing you to participate in bikini, figure, or physique competitions- so dont get bent out of shape, don’t be hard on yourself. This was YOUR decesion. EMBRACE the journey. It can be a beautiful thing. I hope you all are doing well click the link below to read about my experience as a bikini competitor with a full time job and Christina Rico, who is a figure competitior and full time student. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!


Thank you for reading! Give me some feedback. What do YOU want to hear about?

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