Junior Nationals in Chi-Town


So Junior Nationals was a great success. I had a wonderful time with everyone in Chicago. My next stop will be Team Universe in just a week! I have my work cut out for me BUT you all know I LOOOOOVE a good challenge.

Angeles BUrke and Chad Demchik at NPC Junior Nationals 2013
Team Celsius
Chad Demchik
Angeles Burke

I took 4th in Bikini Class C. Let’s talk about what an HONOR that was!

My class had the most participants and the best bodies in the nation were all fighting for a top spot. I am so happy to have placed at such a tough competition. WOW!

Angeles Burke, Gena Baisa, Yarishna Ayala
Yellow Ladies from Class C

However I KNOW I can do even better. Slow and steady wins the race 🙂

Here is a picture from NPCNEWSONLINE.com that J.M. Manion took of Team Celsius Men’s Physique competitor Chad Demchik and I before we walked on stage for the awards ceremony. Thank you to our sponsor Celsius for the opportunity to participate in this event!

Angeles Burke 4th Place Bikini Class C Junior Nationals 2013
Angeles Burke 4th Place Bikini Class C Junior Nationals 2013

This morning I sent in pictures to my coaches at Team Bombshell and I am happy with what I see!!!! I cannot wait for their feedback and tweaks. Getting closer and looking forward to reuniting with my friends from all over the country.

I hope that your health and fitness goals are still on track! Feel free to ask any questions. I always love to help!

Thank you for reading! Give me some feedback. What do YOU want to hear about?

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