It’s Not Always Greener On The Other Side

With the overwhelming amount of social media that we are bombarded with daily, it can be easy to feel like we are not doing “enough”.  You don’t have thousands of followers, aren’t being paid to promote some teeth whitening non sense or poop tea, aren’t sponsored by your favorite brand, you drive a 10 year old car, are renting an apartment, can’t seem to stay in a relationship if you life depended on it.

Yet you see the girls with “perfect” bods, hundreds of thousands/millions of followers. They take lavish vacations, drive the nicest cars and seem like they have it ALL while having it ALL together.

I like to remind people that social media for most, is a personal highlight reel. Make-Up is perfect #Selfie, outfit on point #OOOTD, sponsorship #blessed, won something #everybodymustknow. m u s t. d o c u m e n t. e v e r y t h i n g. . .

And there is NOTHING wrong with that because the internet provides us with an open forum to post AS WE WISH. So I’m not here to shy you away from posting your highlights, rather I am here to tell you that when you scroll through your feeds and feel down or like your life is not so glamorous and fab, that you need to SNAP out of it and  focus on yourself instead of all of the things that everyone else is doing or posting.

Think the grass is greener on the other side? Well the grass is greener where you water it…

Grass is greener-p003

What does that mean? Well we all have our own plot of land (if you will), and the way that we care for our land determines what is growing and how green it is. If you are so busy admiring your neighbors plot of grass… how will you have the opportunity to tend and grow your own???

Makes sense when you think about it right…?

Here is another thing I want you to think about. There are some people that you may look up to and admire for their “accomplishments”, but in some cases you do not know what it took for them to get to that position. They may have had to “sell their soul” and the glitz and glamour may simply be what you see on screen. Believe it or not, some people keep their personal lives “personal”, so you never know if they are having issues with their children, work, they are sick, in debt….. the list goes on. So STOP comparing and START water your own grass, would ya?!

dont compare yourself

Here are some tips that help me out if I am ever feeling down or like I am not “enough”…

Power Off

Avoid spending too much time on social media, the hours you spend swiping up could be spent working towards your own greener grass.

Count Your Blessings

Think of all the blessings you have. Probably a computer or smart phone if you are reading this. A home, clean clothes, a friend you can count on, some sort of income… the list goes on. When you think of someone who lacks those things we take for granted, it puts things into perspective.

Get Better Not Bitter

See something that someone is doing that you wish you were doing? Then get BETTER not bitter. Ask that person for some advice on how to get started in that field, or make the proper steps to get you there. Sitting on the sideline and wishing will not get you any where. That I can guarantee.

So I hope this post is a sign that it is time to get up and GO! Stop waiting for tomorrow- start NOW. Your homework (yes) is to write down 3 goals that you personally want to accomplish. Having these goals in writing will help you to focus on yourself rather than wallowing in self pity over the things you wish you had or were doing. Make your own dreams come TRUE.

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