Behind the Scenes- Bikini Competition IFBB Pro

Angeles Burke Telemundo ifbb bikini

Reporter Linda Candelo, from Telemundo’s hit show, Al Rojo Vivo, stopped by my house and did a little interview and “day in the life” story about bikini and fitness competitors.  Linda and her team followed me during my morning routine and into the gym. This was while I was 2 weeks out and in preparation for my 2014 season pro debut at the IFBB Battle on the Beach.

Linda and her team came to the finals portion of the Battle on the beach event which was hosted by Bombshell Fitness on March29th in sunny Daytona Beach, FL. The Al Rojo Vivo team captures more footage from the live event and put together a segment to provide inspiration to others who may want to live the fit life. I am featured in this segment with Michelle Lewin, Alzira Rodriguez and several other athletes.

Thank you to Bombshell Fitness for providing me yet another opportunity to inspire other and empower women to be strong and healthy from the inside out. Many thanks to my sponsors, Celsius, for providing me with great tasting clean energy as I prepare to compete on the IFBB Pro stage! Check out the full video HERE!!!


Junior Nationals in Chi-Town


So Junior Nationals was a great success. I had a wonderful time with everyone in Chicago. My next stop will be Team Universe in just a week! I have my work cut out for me BUT you all know I LOOOOOVE a good challenge.

Angeles BUrke and Chad Demchik at NPC Junior Nationals 2013
Team Celsius
Chad Demchik
Angeles Burke

I took 4th in Bikini Class C. Let’s talk about what an HONOR that was!

My class had the most participants and the best bodies in the nation were all fighting for a top spot. I am so happy to have placed at such a tough competition. WOW!

Angeles Burke, Gena Baisa, Yarishna Ayala
Yellow Ladies from Class C

However I KNOW I can do even better. Slow and steady wins the race 🙂

Here is a picture from that J.M. Manion took of Team Celsius Men’s Physique competitor Chad Demchik and I before we walked on stage for the awards ceremony. Thank you to our sponsor Celsius for the opportunity to participate in this event!

Angeles Burke 4th Place Bikini Class C Junior Nationals 2013
Angeles Burke 4th Place Bikini Class C Junior Nationals 2013

This morning I sent in pictures to my coaches at Team Bombshell and I am happy with what I see!!!! I cannot wait for their feedback and tweaks. Getting closer and looking forward to reuniting with my friends from all over the country.

I hope that your health and fitness goals are still on track! Feel free to ask any questions. I always love to help!

2013 Steve Stone NY Metropolitan

Hey gang!

Happy to say I got 2nd at the NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan Show!

I have never competed in New York and it was a BLAST! I roomed with two of my teammates Cara C and Brie Turner. I wish I could spend every weekend running around the city with them below you will find a few fun pictures from the event. I cannot wait to do it all again in 2 weeks at the NPC Pittsburgh and Jay Cutler Classic! Let’s GO!!!!

Angeles Burke at the NPC NY Metropolitan 2013
Angeles Burke sponsored athlete at the NPC NY Metropolitan 2013
Angeles Burke
Angeles Burke and Cara Christensen at the NPC NY Metropolitan 2013
Angeles Burke
Top 5 Bikini at the NPC New York Metropolitan 2013 Bikini Open Class B

2013 NPC Battle on the Beach

2013 NPC Bikini Debut
Celsius Sponsored Bikini Competitor
Angeles Burke

I did it! Made my 2013 Bikini debut. My first show of the season was the NPC/IFBB Battle on the Beach in Daytona Beach, FL at the Plaza Hotel.

It was a very special show for me because my parents had the opportunity to watch me compete.

For those of you who know me, my parents are BEYOND supportive of my fitness and health adventures. But until last week, they had never seen me “in action”.

As I stepped on the stage for prejudging, I saw my parents sitting in the audience. I ended up getting First Call Out and placing 5th in Open Bikini!

Thank you to my sponsor Celsius ( for all of your support! Celsius helped me crush my cardio sessions! Check them out and like them on Facebook for some daily motivation!

Thank you to my coaches and team at Team Bombshell!!!

Thanks Isaac Hinds from for the great images and coverage of the event.

Females in the Fitness Industry

Last month I was interviewed by a writer from inspiyr. com.

Tips From Female Fitness Competitors:

BUFF is the NEW Black

Workign with Fitness Icon, Monica Brant at the Arnold Sports Festival Expo 2013
Working with Fitness Icon, Monica Brant at the Arnold Sports Festival Expo 2013

She was interested in my experience as a woman in the fitness industry.

At times it can get stressful becasue of what that segement of society “demands” of you so to say. You just have to rememeber that you are in this for your health!!!! Being emotionally healthy is just as important as being physically healthy. Do not let the pressures that surround us daily from media and others overpower you. Stand strong!!! This is only a perception of what YOU think others want of you, when inreality, many are too busy to care.

Going back to being a woman in the fitness industry, I LOVE IT! I feel empowered on a  daily basis to share my love of health and fitness with everyone around me. I take pride in taking care of my body and sharing my experiences with you all.

KEEP IT FUN!!!! No one is forcing you to participate in bikini, figure, or physique competitions- so dont get bent out of shape, don’t be hard on yourself. This was YOUR decesion. EMBRACE the journey. It can be a beautiful thing. I hope you all are doing well click the link below to read about my experience as a bikini competitor with a full time job and Christina Rico, who is a figure competitior and full time student. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Arnold Sports Festival 2013

Angeles Burke and Leigh Hickombottom with excited fans at the Arnold 2013 Expo
Angeles Burke and Leigh Hickombottom with excited fans at the Arnold 2013 Expo

Hey gang!

I am back in action after the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival! it was an honor to represent Celsius again at this event. The days are very long and we had no breaks, but it was WORTH IT!

Chris and Dita (Team Celsius members) were with me the whole weekend and we introduced thousands of people about all of the benefits of Celsius. Glad I could be there with them all.

I also had the chance to see some friends I had made over the past year of working in the fitness industry AND I met so many of my wonderful followers! Thanks for going out of your way to say HI! I loved hearing about all of your goals and it was so nice to meet face to face. Keep up the good work.

Shout out to The Vitamin Shoppe and Lone Star Distribution for having me sign photos and sample at their booths. Great companies! Check them out 🙂

Click the link to read about Team Celsius’ experience at the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival !

NPC meets IFBB

Angeles and Conny

Hey gang,

This month I had the opportunity to be on Conny’s Health and Fitness radio show. Conny is a former IFBB world Champion. She has sucha  wonderful story and is a great inspiration. Click the link below to read about my expereience with the german IFBB legend.

Fitness Blast From the Past

Olympia 2012

This year I had the wonderful opportunity of representing Celsius at the OLYMPIA! It was such a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet some of my fitness inspirations and I had the opportunity to see some of my beautiful teammates compete on the Olympia stage. Angeles at the Olympia

Bombshell Bikini Girls
Angeles Burke and Maura Bouchard

Shout out to my Brazilian mamasita and Bombshell teammate, Maura Bouchard, who placed 2nd in the FLEX bikini model search. So happy for you!!!


Click the link below to read about the excitement from my first Olympia weekend!!!

Angeles at the Olympia

Ben and Angeles representing Celsius!



Europa Dallas 2012 NPC Supershow

Hey gang!

I just got done competing in my last show for the 2012 season. I am taking the time to make improvements to my physique for 2013. I plan on doing some big shows and of course nationals! As of the Europa Dallas show, I am re-qualified for the 2013 season and I cannot wait to get back on stage. My progress has been great. Seeing results slow and steady! Read about my experience here!ImageTrying to make the most out of this improvement season so I come in swinging! Click the link below and see what my experience was like at the NPC Europa Super Show in Dallas. I had a BLAST!!!!

Stay Fit!


Dexter Jackson Classic

Hey gang! So last weekend I competed at the Dexter Jackson Classic in Jacksonville,FL. It was my first time to set foot on the NPC stage in the Florida circuit.

***The beginning of a new chapter I now live and work and Florida and train with IFBB Pro Shannon Dey’s “Team Bombshell”.

Click the link below to read my post about my weekend!

Angeles at the NPC Dexter Jackson Classic

Special thanks goes out to my Head Hunters family in Tuscaloosa, AL for helping me get started on my competition path. And thanks to the Alabama judges that have given me great feedback  over the past year.



Stay Fit!