One Arm Seated Cable Row

Cable rows are a great exercise for your back, biceps and shoulder muscles. Using different grip attachments on the machine can help you target different muscles in your back. I personally prefer doing the seated rows with one arm. This allows me to concentrate on working each side evenly. As I fatigue while doing double handed rows, my dominant side tends to over compensate. Doing single or one arm rows allows me to effectively build my back.

Begin with a warm up set of about 15 repetitions. Then choose a more challenging weight. Be sure to let your back do the majority of the work. If you are using too much momentum then you are recruiting secondary muscles and not training as effective. Control the weight at all times.

Below is a video demonstrating this effective move. 4 sets of 12-15 repetitions per side. 20 second rest between sets. Let’s GO!

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Lower Body IFBB Pro Workout- Leg Day

It’s everybody’s favorite day— LEG DAY!!!!! In this video I provide you with a few fun and unique ways to train your lower body. Tap and go squats, weighted hyper-extensions, donkey calf raises and cross leg kick backs. All of this workout was powered by my favorite CELSIUS! Thank you to Powerhouse Gym in Tampa, FL for having such a great facility for training. I hope to put up more unique workouts in the future. I was 4 weeks out from the IFBB Tampa Pro show which was my 2014 season closer. I am already looking forward to the 2015 season and cannot wait to get back in the gym. Stay Fit!


How to Tone Up Quick

Angeles Burke Cosmopolitan

Lets face it, sometimes we need to tone up quick! We can get a little slack from time to time with our training routines, and all of a sudden that huge event or beach trip is NEXT week. SO do you back out and cry in a corner? NO – get it together and put in some work. In this article for Cosmopolitan, I worked with the editor to come up with some exercises that will help you tone up quick for your special events. Remember you cannot out train a bad diet- so be sure to get your nutrition plan in check for the optimal results. You aren’t going to see drastic results over night, but these exercises target your whole body to get you looking right! Check it out- 4 Exercises That Actually Work Immediately

Sexy Shoulder Workout

Angeles Burke IFBB Bikini Celsius

Its almost beach season again- can you believe it?! I hope you all have been training hard and sticking to you health and fitness related resolutions. I just posted my new shoulder workout that will help put a little bit of shape on those noodle arms!

Remember to pick a weight that is challenging. It is no use spending time in the gym just to say, “Oh, yea I went to the gym today”. Get in there and DO WORK!

Check out my boulder shoulder workout here!

Tone Your Glutes With This Stepmill Workout Routine

stepmill workout glute image header

Sick of doing the same cardio routine? Step it up a notch…literally, and use the stepmill machine in your gym! This is the machine that looks like an escalator.

You are guaranteed to have an effective workout each time. Just be sure to challenge yourself, but listen to your body at the same time.

Play with the intervals and speed times to ensure you do not get bored of simply climbing stairs- WORK FOR IT!

The workout listed is intense so go at your own pace.

I personally enjoy the stairs because it is a bit easier on my knees than running and it is a great way to tone up my glutes too! Try this glute toning workout and see for yourself!

Stepmill workout routine that will help sculpt your glutes.
Tighten up your Glutes!

Workout at Home

Workout at Home, Angeles Burke
Workout at home when you are short on time.

If you are short on time and cannot make it to the gym—take it to the HOUSE!
I keep light dumbells and resistance bands in my house so that I can sneak in a quick workout ANYTIME. Even if you do not have these items. Try squats, lunges, burpees, jumping jacks, wall sits, dips —the list goes ON! Just challenge yourself. Do your moves for 1 min without stopping and then recover a few seconds and start again. Challenge yourself to hit more repetitions each min. the excuses stop HERE!

High Intensity Interval Workout

Angeles BurkeFeel like you are stuck in a weight loss rut?

Try incorporating High Intensity Interval Training HIIT to your Workout Routine.

This will allow for your heart rate to stay elevated while doing short bursts of intense physical activity followed by an active recovery period. Bellow you will find  a link to a sample HIIT workout routine and my article also provides you with some more in depth description of what High Intensity Interval Training is along with the descriptions of how to perform this High Intensity Workout AT HOME!!!!!!

Angeles’ High Intensity Interval Workout!

Lifting Weights Without Getting Bulky

Seriously, though....
Seriously, though….

If I had a dollar for each time a woman asked me how to get toned without getting “bulky and manly”… I would be RICH!!!

Listen up!- You cannot/will not grow huge female bodybuilder-esque muscles without the help of artificial enhancements. I PROMISE! Unless you have tons of naturally occurring testosterone- you are the exception.

I actually lift weights 4-5 times a week and I lift HEAVY on some of those days. I switch up my routine from high repetitions with low weights- to low repetitions and high weights in order to keep my body constantly guessing.

If you are looking to add some curves without bodybuilder mass- hop off the treadmill and jump into the weight room!

Click here to read more about heavy lifting for women. There is also a fun workout included at the end!

Lower Body Outdoor Workouts

Angeles Burke Outdoor Workout
Angeles Burke Outdoor Workout

Looking for a great way to tone up for the summer? I now I get sick and tired of the gym every one in a while. Why not try some outdoor workouts? Click the link to read about my lower body workouts that will tighen up your tail for the summer. Alot of these moves are plyometrics which means jump training. So go easy on the knees. There are modifications for each of the moves. Don’t be afraid! Just get outside and try something new. Your lowerbody will thank your for these fun outdoor workouts!

Lower Body Workouts for the Summer!

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Angeles Burke Shares Outdoor Workout
Angeles Burke Shares Outdoor Workout

Outdoor Workout

Sick of the gym? Hit the track! Justin and Angela staying fit!
Sick of the gym? Hit the track! Justin and Angela staying fit!

Certified trainers, Justin and Angela Rubin, helped us out with some great pictures and workout ideas!

Click the link below to see their outdoor workout.

Great Outdoor workout!!!

If you do not have a track with a stadium, or it is just to darn cold outside, try to do this in your house or use the stairs at an apartment complex. GET CREATIVE!

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