Healthy Grocery Store Shopping Tips

OK- let’s face it.

The marketing world has gone above and beyond to make us feel that the sugar free, low fat, low carb, low sodium buzz words make a product healthy. And THAT my friends could not be further from the truth.

Seriously- next time you are in the store, I want you to READ the BACK of the box- not just the catchy bold words printed on the front.

What is on the back is what REALLY counts. Added sugars, preservative and unpronounceable ingredients run rampant on the nutrition labels.

In this video I give you some of the shopping tips I use each week to see if what I am buying for myself and loved one is really all that it is cracked up to be- enjoy!

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Fitness Program For All Levels

Fast Track to Fittest Angeles BurkeWith the help of Celsius, I am working on an exciting new venture! The FAST TRACK TO FITTEST!

Each week there will be fitness routines, workout tips, nutrition tips, recipes and MORE! I cannot wait to share this with you all. Please be sure to go to the posts and leave your comments and suggestions so that I can help make this program enjoyable for YOU! Cannot wait to get started ๐Ÿ™‚

Quick Tips to Lose Weight Fast!

IFBB Pro Angeles Burke shares weight loss tips
IFBB Bikini Pro Angeles Burke from shares weight loss tips.

Last month myย weight loss tips were featured in theย Florida Today newspaper. The article titled, โ€œFive Ways to Lose Stubborn Poundsโ€ offered the readerย ways to let go of those lingering pounds.ย I readers know they should—

1. Supplement your Workouts

2. โ€œRIP Itโ€ in the Gym

3. Hold the Salt

4. Cut the Sweet Treats

5. Drink Plenty of Water

In case you missed the print article, you can read the full list of quick weight loss here! Just wanted to share a few fun tips with YOU! Let me know if you have any tips that you use when trying to slim down quick.