Can Resolutions Be Bad For Your Health?

resolutions bad for health

10 new years resolutions bad for healthThis year is going to be YOUR YEAR- right?!

And in all of your excitement, you may have set some pretty unrealistic and unattainable goals in front of you.

Being a few days into the new year, are you having any second thoughts on that “I am going to train for 3 hours a day” mentality or “I will never eat carbs again” foolishness?… you many be in total misery.

SO can resolutions be bad for your health? It all depends!

In this article, I was interviewed along with several other industry experts on 10 New Years Resolutions That are Bad For Your Health. Check it out and see if you set any of these “no-no” resolutions yourself.


Reasons Your Diet Is NOT Working

5 reasons your diet is not working

Diet season is right.around.the.corner.

As most Americans do, you will probably get on some weight loss or diet kick as the new year begins. But don’t fall back on your old habits and repeat the vicious cycle!

In this article, I break down several reasons your diet is not working. Click here to read the full article and make the most out of your efforts. Below is a little sample of why your diets have failed you in the past… Sound familiar?

1. You are too restrictive

2. You do not count calories

3. You are sedentary

4. You are not honest with yourself

5. You are a taste tester

Are You Logging Your Workouts?

logging your workouts Angeles Burke

If you have been training on a consistent basis but cannot seem to make the changes you want to your physique, one of my umber one recommendations is- logging your workouts. Sure- it can be annoying at first, but once you start, you will be happy you did once you start seeing all that progress you have been wanting.

When getting in shape many people find the energy to make it to the gym and break a good sweat, but after a while- that just isn’t good enough. NOW it is time for a challenge. A workout log is the BEST way to keep track of your efforts each day in the gym and learn a base line for yourself. To see results in training, you cannot use the 5 pound dumbbells forever (SORRY!). It is time to pick up the big boy weights. Now i am not talking about going from 10 pound dumbbell curls to 30 pounds. NO- slow down sister. try the 12 or 15 pounders first for an added challenge.

This is in all aspects of training. Try adding a few extra minutes to your cardiovascular routine. Or try going faster than normal. Add in extra repetitions or increase the amount of weight you use. The most important thing here is to LOG each exercise. It is too complicated for your brain to try to remember the number of sets and weights you used, so do yourself a favor and log your workouts. A simple notebook or even a fancy app on your phone for all the techies out there. You can read my full article on the benefits of logging your workouts here. Free workout log is included!

You want to see changes?! Then start putting in the work!

Stay fit- Angeles

How to Tone Up Quick

Angeles Burke Cosmopolitan

Lets face it, sometimes we need to tone up quick! We can get a little slack from time to time with our training routines, and all of a sudden that huge event or beach trip is NEXT week. SO do you back out and cry in a corner? NO – get it together and put in some work. In this article for Cosmopolitan, I worked with the editor to come up with some exercises that will help you tone up quick for your special events. Remember you cannot out train a bad diet- so be sure to get your nutrition plan in check for the optimal results. You aren’t going to see drastic results over night, but these exercises target your whole body to get you looking right! Check it out- 4 Exercises That Actually Work Immediately

My FREE e-book!!!

MOVE IT!!!!!!
MOVE IT!!!!!!

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Olympia 2012

This year I had the wonderful opportunity of representing Celsius at the OLYMPIA! It was such a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet some of my fitness inspirations and I had the opportunity to see some of my beautiful teammates compete on the Olympia stage. Angeles at the Olympia

Bombshell Bikini Girls
Angeles Burke and Maura Bouchard

Shout out to my Brazilian mamasita and Bombshell teammate, Maura Bouchard, who placed 2nd in the FLEX bikini model search. So happy for you!!!


Click the link below to read about the excitement from my first Olympia weekend!!!

Angeles at the Olympia

Ben and Angeles representing Celsius!



Benefits of Strength Training

Hey gang! Ever wonder what it takes to train like an Olympian?

They train to achieve “optimum fitness” which is a combination of cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training.

So even if you are getting ready for your next Power Lifting competition or 5k, make sure that you are training for optimum fitness so that you are a well balanced athlete who displays strength, cadiovasular endurance, and flexibility at it’s finest!

Click the link below to read my post about strength training:

Benefits of strength training

Dexter Jackson Classic

Hey gang! So last weekend I competed at the Dexter Jackson Classic in Jacksonville,FL. It was my first time to set foot on the NPC stage in the Florida circuit.

***The beginning of a new chapter I now live and work and Florida and train with IFBB Pro Shannon Dey’s “Team Bombshell”.

Click the link below to read my post about my weekend!

Angeles at the NPC Dexter Jackson Classic

Special thanks goes out to my Head Hunters family in Tuscaloosa, AL for helping me get started on my competition path. And thanks to the Alabama judges that have given me great feedback  over the past year.



Stay Fit!



Indoor Cycling Routine

This cycling mash-up will get you pumped and ready to take on the day! Remember YOU control the intensity on your bike. But push it to the next level! There is no use driving to the gym to barely break a sweat in your workout.

Each line is one song. Find the beat and keep the pace so you stay consistent. After each song, drop your resistance back down to a 5, grab some water, and move on the next one.


Song1. Warm up 5 min- Seated Flat level 5

2. Level 6- Seated flat/ standing jog

3. Level 5,6,7,8,9- Seated Climb

4. Level 7- Standing Climb/ Hover

5. Level 6- Seated Flat/ Standing Jog

6. Level 6 Seated Flat/ Level 8 Standing Climb

7. Level 9,8,7,6,5- Reverse Hill

8. Level 7- Seated Flat/ Hover

9. Level 5 and high resistance 3 short sprints and one long

10.Level 7- Standing Jog/ Standing Climb

11. Level 5- Cool Down

12. Stretch on and off of the bike.

Key Terms

Level 5= Flat road/riding through your neighborhood

Level 6= Sandy Beach

Level 7= Middle ground. You should be able to keep the same pace as before but now you are WORKING for it!

Level 8= Slowed pace. Pushing and pulling with each stroke of the pedal.

Level 9= Eyes closed crying for your mama. Slow pace. Only hold for 30- 45 second intervals.

Seated Flat= Hands at lowest part of handle bars (position 1).

Sitting in the saddle. Slight bend in elbows.






Standing Jog=

Hands in position one.

Only finger tips are supporting your body.

 Standing up out of the saddle. Hips forward and underneath of you.

Shoulders back standing nice and tall.

Standing Climb= Hands and top of handle bars (position 2).

Leaning forward. Body is up standing out of the saddle.

Looking forward at where you are going.







Hover– Hands in position 2.

Start in the standing climb and drop chest down.

Keep back flat and eyes looking forward.




Sprint– Seated position. Hands on center metal beams. Add enough resistance so you do not bounce off the saddle. Keep chest low. Looking forward. Drop resistance low in between the sprints.

Hope you enjoy this workout! It will get your legs burning quick.

Stay Fit!

The Good and Fit Life

The past two months have flown by!

I feel like it was just yesterday that I accepted my job with Celsius. That was the turning point for a lot of what has been going on lately.

Since then…

I graduated with my masters degree in Communication Studies.

I got accepted to be part of Team Bombshell as a bikini competitor.

Found a place to live.

Saw my new workplace.

Met my new co workers

Moved to South Florida.

Joined Costco!!!! (PROTEIN!!!!)

Joined a new gym.

All of this while staying on track with my fitness goals! I am not going to say it has been easy. I have definitely been a bit moody and cranky trying to get through this stressful but SUPER EXCITING time in my life. I keep reminding myself to not take all of this wonderful stuff for granted and enjoy it!

Lucky for me, I have a family, boyfriend, workplace, and team that support me and my fitness goals 100%.

This has made the road so much easier. Surround yourself with individuals who have similar beliefs to be your support system. They will help hold you accountable and hopefully be honest with you at the same time.

While talking to one of my girlfriends/team mates on the phone the other day, she reminded me how most people would still be “sitting on the couch eating potato chips” after a move and drastic change in life. I stopped and thought about how true that statement really was. Now when I feel exhausted or lazy, I just remember that I do not want to be that girl on the couch with a Twinkie. Haha especially not 25 days away from my next NPC bikini competition. In reality though, I rarely feel that way becasue…

“This is a LIFESTYLE- not a life alter until I am done with a show or reach a goal”.

This makes it easier for me to stay on track no matter what circumstances are thrown my way.

This is all habit out of repetition.

So far so good with Team Bombshell. I am seeing results and changes in my body on a weekly basis. The workouts are a lot more intense this month. But I know that I CAN do it. Even when I do not WANT to (because I am tired), I WILL because I want to see the results. I signed myself up to be a bikini athlete… no one is forcing me to do it.

Think about that next time you are whining about your workout or meal plan. You brought it upon yourself to make yourself a better person 🙂

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer! I officially start my new job on Friday and will be heading to New Orleans to represent Celsius at the Smootie King Conference . I cannot wait! This is exactly what I wanted as a job and I can’t beleieve my dreams have come true!!!

24 days out from my next show. You better believe I will be killing it at the gym. One workout and one meal at a time.

I hope all is going well for everyone! Stay FIT!