Olympia Prep 2015

When I received a call from Robin Chang, the promoter of the Olympia event, I about fell out of my chair. While I never publicly put it out there, a big goal of mine this year was to qualify for the 2015 Bikini Olympia.

After having a successful 2015 season, I did decide to sit out the last few shows of the year since I knew my body was needing a bit of a break. During this time I was just hoping I would have enough points to qualify for the 2015 Olympia… and I did!

During my “time off” acted as if I was going to the Olympia WEEKS before I even knew so that I would have enough time to prepare in case I was given the opportunity. But once I got that call- it was GO TIME!

Below are a few clips from my training before hitting the BIG stage!

I train 5-6 days a week and eat 5-6 meals a day. This is typical for me, but you have to understand that THIS is a huge part of my life and passion. Even on days when I don’t have much motivation, getting into the gym and doing something is better than nothing ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking back on this experience is just a true feeling of bliss. I have a lot of people on my side and I am so thankful!!!

Thank you to my sponsors- Celsius-ย Bluefish Sport-ย ZenBody Foods-ย Bombshell Fitness- IFBB/NPC- Pro Tan- CJ’s Elite Suits- Glam Competition Jewelry.

I appreciate you all following along on my journey- Let me know if you have any questions!!!


Olympia 2012

This year I had the wonderful opportunity of representing Celsius at the OLYMPIA! It was such a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet some of my fitness inspirations and I had the opportunity to see some of my beautiful teammates compete on the Olympia stage. Angeles at the Olympia

Bombshell Bikini Girls
Angeles Burke and Maura Bouchard

Shout out to my Brazilian mamasita and Bombshell teammate, Maura Bouchard, who placed 2nd in the FLEX bikini model search. So happy for you!!!


Click the link below to read about the excitement from my first Olympia weekend!!!

Angeles at the Olympia

Ben and Angeles representing Celsius!