Tone Your Glutes With This Stepmill Workout Routine

stepmill workout glute image header

Sick of doing the same cardio routine? Step it up a notch…literally, and use the stepmill machine in your gym! This is the machine that looks like an escalator.

You are guaranteed to have an effective workout each time. Just be sure to challenge yourself, but listen to your body at the same time.

Play with the intervals and speed times to ensure you do not get bored of simply climbing stairs- WORK FOR IT!

The workout listed is intense so go at your own pace.

I personally enjoy the stairs because it is a bit easier on my knees than running and it is a great way to tone up my glutes too! Try this glute toning workout and see for yourself!

Stepmill workout routine that will help sculpt your glutes.
Tighten up your Glutes!

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