The Past Year- Competing, modeling, and graduating.

Since my first and only post my life has changed in several ways. I have now competed in 5 NPC Bikini competitions and have signed with Celsius: Your Negative Calorie Drink as my sponsor.

My list of NPC shows include:

Southeastern Gold’s Classic 2011- 3rd

Clash at the Capstone 2011- 1st and Overall

Alabama State Championship 2011- 1st and 2nd Overall

Arnold Amateur 2012

Clash at the Capstone- 2nd and 2nd Miss Tuscaloosa Bikini

Landing page for Celsius' outrageous orange preworkout powder!

This January I signed with Celsius. They are a preworkout drink that actually burns EXTRA calories while you work out! It tastes great and I love how great the product works.

The employees of Celsius make me feel like I belong and really care about what I am doing with my life as a bikini competitor and student.

In February, I flew to Tampa to film a testimonial for their new commercial you can find the commercial at Shortly after, I took photos with a photographer to be used in their new AD campaign. The new campaign for the Preworkout powder just launched and it is amazing to say I am part of it.

This is a shot of one of the landing pages for the newest Celsius product.

It is strange to have friends and family member be surfing the web and see a picture of me pop up on the screen. This is a dream come true and I hope to keep furthering my career in health and fitness as soon as I graduate.

Speaking of graduation, I walk next Friday! I will have officially earned my Master’s degree in communication studies. It is hard to believe 6 years has flown by so fast. I have had so many wonderful blessings along the way! Mom, dad, and little brother will be here to support me and celebrate.

Signing autographs at the Vitamin Shoppe booth. Representing Celsius at the Arnold Sports Festival 2012.

In March I had the opportunity to compete at the largest bikini competition …probably in the world. I went with Celsius to the Arnold sports Festival and competed in the Arnold amateur bikini division. This was such a great experience. I got to see what a national level show is run like and when I hit the stage in Charleston for Junior USAs, I know I won’t be scared, but rather excited to show off my hard work.

My journey in this industry of health, fitness, and bodybuilding has been short, but it has also been wild! I have had so many wonderful opportunities that many girls do not receive. I know I am blessed and lucky. I will try to make the best out of every day and every situation.

In 3 weeks I head off to Charleston, SC for my first NPC national show Junior USAs. Very excited to know some people who will be going.

Should be a great experience! Can’t wait!!!

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