Not So Happy Hour: 5 Ways Alcohol Sabotages Your Fitness Goals

Drinking alcohol and working out
Good luck getting that six pack!

Not So Happy Hour: 5 Ways Alcohol Sabotages Your Fitness Goals

Check out this awesome post. While I totally get it. Sometimes- you just want to throw your hair down and get wild on the weekends… have you ever thought about some of the adverse effects drinking may have on your health and wellness?

When I was in college, I had my prioties in check, but I loved going out! Between, late nights in clubs and bars, being surrounded by cigarette smoke and consuming alcohol- I felt HORRIBLE!

I was lethargic, I never wanted to train and all of the excessive toxins took a toll on my skin and overall health. The cons were outweighing the pros. So…. it was time for achange.

I sat back and thought about all of the goals I had for myself. If I wanted to reach these goals, being a party-girl could not be a part of the equation. If it was part of the equation, I would only  be hurting myself in the long run. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not some goody-goody or anything, but I do have different priorities now than I did back then.

Alot of my goals had to do with training and fitness. Right now,  I want to reach professional status in the International Federation of Bodybuilding– IFBB. While I am sure there may be a few pros who get wild… that happens on few occasions and is not an every day or week affair. Life is all about moderation!!!

I also wanted to run faster and be able to train harder. I wanted more energy. I did not want to feel like I was hit by a semi in my sleep. I just wanted to enjoy life and the people around me without overdoing the party scene. And hey, NEWSFLASH!!! You CAN go out and not drink. Water double lemon please!!!!!! haha.

Honestly, I have learned that if you have to drink or even be holding an alcoholic drink in order to feel “comfortable” or “fit in”… then you have some issues that you need to address… REAL TALK.

OK so there is my little schpeel. So go check out that article. Like I said it is pretty neat and it brings up some valid points. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading! Give me some feedback. What do YOU want to hear about?

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