Sticking to your Guns

Hey gang!- ***This is a draft from May that I forgot to post. Looking back a month later after the show, I feel the same way.***

As I am just days away from hitting the national stage, the most important thing for me to do is stay focused and on track. While it is always great to win, that is not always the outcome. My personal goal for each time I hit the stage is to look or present my physique better than I had the last time. By setting this type of goal, the responsibility is on MYSELF, and I don’t want to let myself down. This is based on my own opinion from what I can see from a comparison with  pictures and video from previous shows, not from placing and scoring.

After each show my trainers and I look at my current exercise routine and diet and make the appropriate changes to yield results for my next competition. I always consult with them about how I am feeling and what my goals are before I make any drastic changes.

In any type of fitness regimen making drastic changes can result in disaster.I always hear of people trying to make last-minute changes to their diet or exercise to get some type of quick result.By throwing your body a “quick-fix” curveball (like only eating oatmeal and yogurt for 3 days straight because silly sally said it works for her) may give you some results, but not the kind you want. Every competitor and athlete has a method that they swear by. It is always good to learn from others, but only at the right times. Experimentation should be left to when you can afford the trial and error method.   Our bodies respond differently to different foods and training.  For me when I am just weeks and now days away from competing on the national level, I am sticking to my guns!

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

What works for someone else, might not work for you.

 Don’t risk it when the stakes are high.

This is applicable to any athlete or fitness junkie. Slow and steady wins the race. Set goals and track your progress! We don’t always have to measure our success by number of wins, but rather look at where you started and look at how far you have come!

May 19th 2012-NPC Jr. USAs.
National Level BIkini Competition

If you just started running, sign up for a local 5k and set a goal. Is it to cross the finish line, run the whole time, beat a personal record? What about a new nutrition plan? Write down what you eat for a week and then make adjustments to have a cleaner and healthier diet. Keep track of it and look back months later and see how you have changed.






“Whatever your goal is, find your baseline and move up from there.

Challenge yourself daily and do not compare yourself to others….

Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday”

Stick to your guns folks.

Stay Fit!

Thank you for reading! Give me some feedback. What do YOU want to hear about?

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